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Welcome to the home of Logic Puzzles! provides you with a range of free interactive logic puzzles to play online.
No need for a pen or paper - and we will even give you hints on how to solve the puzzles if you get stuck!
Suitable puzzles for both children and adults.
Test your logical deduction, arithimetic skills and word power.
Many sudoku variations and other grid-based puzzles to explore.
All your favourite classic puzzles plus a few you might not of seen before.
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Our various difficulty levels (easy, medium, and hard puzzles) and coverage of all your favourite sudoku variations (including 6x6, classic 9x9, and 12x12 grids) means we have enough to keep even the keenest of sudoku puzzlers challenged and entertained.

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Arithmetic Puzzles
Test your mental arithmetic ability with our crossnumbers and setsquare puzzles.
Grid-based Puzzles
Explore our grid-based puzzles.

Simple puzzles to play - just point and click - but difficult puzzles to solve!

Includes battleships and hitori.
Word Puzzles
Expand your vocabulary with our collection of classic word puzzle games.

Find the hidden words in our word searches.
Enjoy a "clueless crossword" with our codewords.
Make the words fit into the kriss-kross puzzles.